Online registration

CONSENT: By filling out this form and paying the fees I as the parent/guardian (if the young person is under 18 years old) give permission for my child to attend this event. If you are under 18yrs please register with your parent/guardian. You need their details and payment when registering.

Please have either a credit card, debit card or your internet banking login details before progressing to register.
  • Early bird registrations close Friday 12th February 2021, 5pm - no exceptions.
  • Standard registrations close Friday 19th March 2021, 5pm - no exceptions.
  • Late (and all other) registrations close Friday 26th March 2021 5pm - no exceptions.
Youth Group Parents / Children
Youth Group Parents & Children 0-12yrs can register online through this site. A password is required to register under these roles, please talk to your key leader for the password.

Sponsored campers
Sponsored campers cannot register online. Instead, please talk to your key leader from your group to get a sponsorship application paper form.

Eastercamp 2021 Registration Agreement Text

By clicking Agree button below I am agreeing to the following:

If, at any time prior to Eastercamp, it is necessary to cancel or abandon camp for reasons outside of our control (for example, but not limited to; natural disaster, pandemic, disruption to essential supplies, or Government or local authority decree), the following terms will apply to fees paid or payable by individual campers: A. Fees will be retained to pay costs already committed or paid, or which will inevitably be required to be paid for the supply of goods or services for which Eastercamp is liable;  B. Any funds in excess of the amounts necessary for Eastercamp to discharge its committed financial obligations will be returned to the person who made the payment either directly or on behalf of the individual camper; C. Eastercamp has the discretion to make fair and reasonable estimates of its fixed and committed costs in calculating a refund, if any; D. No refund is payable if cancellation or abandonment becomes necessary after camp has commenced, from 3pm on the Thursday before Good Friday, or at any time during camp; E. Eastercamp will use its best endeavours to provide a refund in accordance with these terms as soon as practicable, but no time frame is specified.

CYS runs activities which carry a risk of injury if carried out without due care or in disregard of instructions. Whilst all practicable steps will be taken to ensure your safety, CYS accepts no liability for any loss, injury or damage to your property or person, whether arising through our negligence or otherwise. You agree to follow instructions given to you by camp staff; Notify us of any hazard or potential hazard which you spot; Tell us if you cannot participate in any activity or there is anything (such as illness or injury) which may affect our decision to allow you to participate in any activity; Not do anything which may put yourself or others at risk of harm. You agree to obey the rules of camp, available here. Some activities take place away from the Spencer Park site, if aged under 18 my parent/guardian gives permission for me to participate in these.

I'm happy that personal information gathered for camp may be securely stored and used by CYS to promote other events from time to time and am happy with this provided an opt out option is available. I understand that images/video taken at EC21 may be used by CYS in a reasonable way from time to time.

I understand that if I withdraw from EC21 and notify CYS BEFORE 5pm Friday 26th March 2021 I am eligible for a refund of all but the $40 non-refundable portion of my fees. Withdrawals after this must be accompanied by a medical certificate and are given at the sole discretion of CYS.